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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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people are so surprised when the poll came out with up to 50% with hispanics and up 19 points in a short party. they know what is happening and at the border and they know it's a big scam. the democrats don't want to stop people. that means automatically massive amounts of crime and we're not going to put up with it. so nancy pelosi, knowing these facts and knowing that is something she can't win, that she just went out and said, let's cancel for the first time in the history of our country, let's cancel the state of the union address and it's a disgrace. so you know, she uses on basis of shutdown, when she asked me to make the address formally in writing, most of you have a copy of the letter, when she asked me to make the address, she did it during the shutdown, well into the shutdown by a couple of weeks. so the shutdown was going on. now she is blaming the shutdown. if it was because of the
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shutdown why do you ask that the address be made? and, she asked that the address be made during the shutdown. and now she is blaming the shutdown. she also knew, she went to the people, she said it was security problem. she knew it wasn't a security problem. she blamed security. she knew it wasn't a security problem. she knew that loud and clear. she went to the people, they said we have no problem whatsoever. i just got back from iraq. i was very safe in iraq. i felt very safe. we had great, great security. if we can handle iraq we can handle the middle of washington in a spectacular building and beautiful room where we should be in and that is where it has been for a very long time. it is a sad thing for our country. we'll do something in the alternative. we'll talk to you about that at a later date. i have to say it is an honor to
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have these great leaders with us. we'll talk about the shutdown. we'll talk about other things and we're going to be talking about outside of this event that we just discussed how well our country is doing because we're setting records in some different ways. we're setting jobs records. right now at this very moment, we have more people working in the united states than at anytime in the history of our country, think of that. that is a big, big statement. i had a meeting on drug pricing and various other things and prescription drugs for the first time in history, history of our country had gone down in 2018. so, for last year, just got the numbers, for the first time in the history of our country, prescription drug prices have gone down. they have been like a rocket ship until i got here. we have more to do. they are going to go down further. think of that, for the first time, i say it because you guys
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don't want to report it because that is a big thing. drug pricing is very important to me as is health care. first time in the history of our country in 2018 prescription drug prices have gone down. that is a big number. i don't think anybody at this table knew that. just came out. we'll let you know. so it is too bad with nancy pelosi, what she has done. it's radical democrats. they have become a radicalized, they really have, they have become a radicalized party. i actually think they have become a very dangerous party for this country. if you listen to what they're saying, what they are doing, i think they have become a very dangerous, a very, very dangerous party for this country. i think that chuck schumer sadly is dominated by the radical left and he is dominated by nancy pelosi. very strongly dominated. he can't move. he is a puppet for nancy pelosi if you can believe that.
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but that is what it has become, and that is whats happening. we'll not let it happen to our nation. we'll not allow the radical left control our borders. if they do, you will see crime, you see drugs, human trafficking like never in the history of our country. so we will never let the radical left control our borders. thank you very much. thank you. >> going to give a speech on tuesday night? >> we'll be announcing what they're doing. reporter: she wants to come to agreeable date. >> we'll see. we'll see. wouldn't be very hard but that is not what she means. it is very sad. i think it is very, very bad thing for our country. it's a horrible precedent. we have many positive things to say but we also have things we want to turn into positives that are big negatives. the southern border is a very, very big deal. it should been handled by other presidents for many times.
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just like israel, if you look, moving the embassy to jerusalem. every president talked about it. nobody did it until i came along. same thing in certain different way with the southern border. it should have been stop adlong time ago. they talked about it. they had approvals for doing it and they were unable to pull it off. other presidents should have done this, we're going to do it. not because i want to, because i have no choice. because if we don't do it, this country is going to be worse than, at anytime in our history in terms of drug infestation, and in terms of crimes. our crime numbers are really good but our crime numbers would be very much better if we had a stopped up southern border. by the way the caravan now they're saying is massive. the caravan coming up. thank you very much, honduras. we sent honduras hundreds of millions of dollars and they send us caravans for three of
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those countries. we'll probably be stopping that. we're working on it right now. i would stop it, you have two theories you can give more, let them do economic development and do less. i'm of the less theory. i don't think we should give anything to them. we've done this with numerous countries all over the world where they're not treating us right. we have countries that get hundreds of millions of dollars, they don't even vote for us at united nations until we say we will not pay anymore. then they vote. i don't call that a vote. ii want to thank everybody very much. we'll have a great meeting. we'll have a response to nancy pelosi in due course but what she is doing to the american people, what she is doing to our constitution, is a disgrace. thank you very much. [shouting questions] >> thank you very much. [shouting questions] thank you very much. connell: president trump moments ago at the white house wrapping
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up what has been a day of back and forth between the white house and the capitol today. the president among other things talking about the state of the union and saying that speaker pelosi called off his state of the union planned for the house floor next tuesday, because in his words, she cannot handle the truth. melissa: saying that they are also planning something as an alternative coming up but they will tell everyone at a later date. still planning on doing something, whether or not it is actually the state of the union if it is not delivered before the full house, we don't know. connell: a lot for to us talk about. we'll talk about the market that closed higher. good to have you with us on "after the bell." i'm connell mcshane. melissa: i'm melissa francis. all right. we have fox team coverage at white house. blake burman at it whoo house and edward lawrence at capitol hill. we'll start with blake. reporter: this tit-for-tat is at the very highest levels at one point you heard president trump
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there it culminated with a very negative part of history. just to take a step back here, take you through how the last few hours worked here in washington, earlier this afternoon this afternoon president trump finally responded to nancy pelosi in a letter essentially saying he would go up to the capitol next tuesday evening to deliver the state of the union address saying there are no security concerns. the president ended that letter to the house speaker by saying the following, quote, it would be so very sad for our country if the state of the union were not delivered on time, on schedule, very importantly on location. about an hour after that, the house speaker responded with her own letter saying, no you won't. pelosi saying that she would not put on the floor the necessary measures to allow for president to go up to the capitol. in her letter to the president, this was her response, quote, i am writing to inform you that the house of representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the president's state of the union address in the house chamber
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until government has reopened. after that president trump later saying he wasn't surprised. as you heard from the president just minutes ago, he said pelosi is afraid of hearing the truth. pelosi reiterated her position. >> i'm not surprised. it is really a shame what's happening with the democrats. they have become radicalized. they don't want to see crime stopped, which we can very easily do on the southern border. >> because government is closed. we said very clearly from the start, when i wrote to him the second time to say, this government is shut down. reporter: tbd where the president will go rather from here to deliver the state of the union address next tuesday evening. nancy pelosi just moments ago she said she is not concerned at all about setting a precedent. stepping back for a second, day 33 of the shutdown, it remains entirely unclear as to how that resolves itself.
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connell, melissa. connell: nobody knows nothing. blake what a day again. blake as the government remains shut down. edward lawrence on the hill. all you can do, you're right, is chuckle. what is reaction up there? >> day 33, deadlocked. republicans and democrat still talking past one another. right now the house is in process of passing six bills again to reopen the government. these are the same six bills they passed early on in january, still under this government shutdown. they are going nowhere in the senate. now in the senate tomorrow there is going to be two votes. one on the republican plan, one on the democratic plan. >> i can't believe that the bulk of our democratic colleagues really see opposing the president as more important, more important to their constituents than restoring full government function, paying our federal employees, securing the border, and more certainty for the daca population. reporter: the republican plan
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would reopen the federal post allowing $5.7 billion for a border wall but also have concessions in it. the extension of, three-year extension to daca recipients as well as those with temporary protected status. the democratic plan would reopen the government but only fund the department of homeland security through february 8th, to talk about what to do about border funding coming up. neither bill is expected to get to the 60 votes it needs to pass. house speaker nancy pelosi says, the democrats must hold the line here. >> we'll see how the republicans in the house vote on their own suggestion. we'll see how the republicans in the senate vote on their own legislation but it is really unfortunate that not only is the president holding the american people and america's workers hostage, he is holding the republicans and congress of the united states hostage. reporter: meantime furloughed workers are protesting here on capitol hill, chanting we want a paycheck. deadlock here on capitol hill, nothing is moving. a lot of talking, nothing is
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moving. back to you. connell: edward lawrence on capitol hill for us. melissa: go back to the markets. volatility among major averages reversing early losses to end in the green. weighing on earnings optimism to balance it all out. gerri willis on floor of the new york stock exchange. gerri. >> wow, it has been a whipsaw market today, up and down, up and down, high to low, the dow moving 370 points, closing at 171 points higher. pretty good performance. let me tell you it was hard to predict. the s&p 500 up five. we know the nasdaq higher as well. dow ibm, united technology, p&g. ibm blowing out the forecast for the biggest gain in 15 months. united technology also crushing earnings. interesting details out of proctor's report, they're not seeing a slowdown in china. dow laggards intel which reports earnings. this may not bode well for that
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report. chevron is down because of the venezuela headlines. nicolas maduro cutting off relations with the u.s. as you know. finally verizon, we have visa here obviously down. that stock had quite the run. verizon, that company announcing that the media group is laying off 7% of the staff and focusing on fewer areas to revive its fortunes. that stock moving here higher on that news. back to you guys. melissa: gerri, thank you. connell: well the crisis in venezuela that gerry mentioned certainly is escalating. the president of that nation cutting all ties with the united states after president trump recognized the opposition leader as the country's interim president. melissa: wow. plus ford is releasing earnings just moments from now as concerns arising over an auto recession in america. we're going to discuss it all with bob shanks, ford's chief financial officer, coming up after the break. ♪ new.
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melissa: breaking news. reporting fourth quarter results. ashley. >> actual earnings per share is coming in at 32 cents. ford warned us about that last week. so it shouldn't come as a huge surprise but on the revenue side a nice beat. 41 billion as opposed to 36.8 on the estimates. automotive segment coming in at 38.7 billion. that beat estimates by more than a billion. just looking at some of the notes here guys, u.s. market share is lower. ford due to car and truck retail performance and lower rentals, this is company in middle of restructuring. they announced they will try to cut costs by $25.5 billion by 2022. they have been ditching those
4:18 pm
slow-selling sedans. announcing major layoffs in europe, streamlining the company. going towards pickup trucks, those areas where they have done really well. we should mention tariffs and china, they say that the tariffs could dent profits by 700 million, guys, this year, if the trade stuff does not sort itself out. melissa: ashley, thank you. connell: first on fox, ford cfo bob shanks to talk a little more about this. good to see you, bob. ashley gave us the numbers. i want to try to focus exclusively on the future if we can. >> sure. connell: for the full year, 2019, i know there are challenges out there, china, europe, some in the united states, how do you expect to do? i believe the street consensus is $1.29 a share. now you earned $1.30 a share last year, which is $7 billion. so will you earn more than that this year or less than at that? >> what we talked about last week we expected the business to have the opportunity to improve
4:19 pm
in 2019 versus 2018 and the improvement should come from the same areas that actually drove the decline in 2018. that would be china, europe and also north america. connell: so you will earn more than $1.30 a share next year? >> we have not provided any specific guidance on eps but if you look at all of our top line metrics, capital, cost efficiency metrics as well as cash conversion and our balance sheet metrics we expect all of those to have the opportunity to be on upside in 2019 versus 2018. connell: let me pick apart some of those areas. one obviously is china which is a challenge but you say it could change. are you assuming there will be a trade deal done? what is the outlook in china? >> well we are assuming there is a continuation of the tariffs that we've kind of endured over the last number of months, we will have to see how that pans out depending on negotiations underway.
4:20 pm
the 2018 was very ford specific. it is in our control to address issues, dealer engagement, age of product portfolio and market and we think we're on top of that and expect to see improvements as the year progresses. connell: to the point about ford's specific issues. you're obviously compared to general motors and general motors recently raising its forecast. critics look at that, they say boy, they are getting their costs under control, that they are doing a better job executing than ford is. what do you say? >> ford is ford. particularly to improve the businesses outside of north america and we've got, in fact in early january we announced the start of consultations to redesign the business in europe with trade unions and with workers councils. so that the is first effort that we'll be talking about this year with more to come. connell: okay, as final point, we mentioned china. i know europe is a challenge. brexit is certainly something
4:21 pm
you're looking at closely, but what north america, what about in particular the united states market? are we in auto recession here in the united states? what is your view on the u.s.? >> we don't see any sign of that. we expect to see deceleration of growth and gdp and 2019. we also expect the auto industry to be somewhat lower than what it was in 2018. but still at very, very healthy levels. when we look at consumer credits metrics at ford credit, everything looks good on consumer side. we think we'll see solid performance in 2019. connell: okay, no auto recession. good to see you, bob shanks from ford. >> thank you. connell: all right. melissa: a lot of news in the interview. really good stuff you heard there. it is important to look into credit as well as people get concerned what may be going on in the u.s. and stuff. connell: comparisons, interesting. he was open about it. in the ford specific issues but he wants to talk about macro issues. gm recently raised its forecast. he said they will get their act
4:22 pm
together essentially. melissa: very cool. placing blame on the president, why michael cohen is pointing a finger at president trump as the reason for delaying his congressional testimony. violent protests in venezuela. now the united states and others are recognizing a new leader of that nation. that's huge. the fallout there next. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need. i insured my car, and my bike. my calves are custom too, but i can't insure those... which is a crying shame. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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melissa: former long time trump lawyer, michael cohen is postponing his congressional testimony scheduled for earlier next month. cohen saying the reason for the delay, because of on going threats against his family from president trump. the president just responding moments ago. take a listen. >> i would say he has been threatened by the truth. he has only been threatened by the truth. and he doesn't want to do that probably from me or other of his clients. he has other clients also i assume. and he doesn't want to tell the
4:26 pm
truth for me or other of his clients. melissa: that was bombshell got lot in the rest of the news, that is pretty serious threat saying your family is threatened. that is why you won't go ahead with your testimony. connell: sure is. i don't know where it is going from here. the two knows each other a long time. the president on twitter spoke about cohen's father-in-law. i don't know how the two are related. >> a lot of people are reading it was those specific tweets. connell: wow, rush right. melissa: more huge news. connell: this is huge news and breaking news. venezuela's nicolas maduro cutting ties with the united states after the trump administration recognized the opposition leader, juan guaido as interim president. steve harrigan has the latest on venezuela. reporter: a lot of uncertainty over this situation and real potential for violence right now. the country of venezuela with
4:27 pm
the 30 million people and largest oil reserves in the word basically has two presidents at this point. one, nicolas maduro a left-wing dictator in the eyes of many including vice president pence, he was elected to a second six-year term just last year. a election that u.s. and other countries consider to be fraudulent. on other hand, you have 35-year-old juan guaido, he declared him president in front of several hundred thousand protesters. countries are lining up to back one side or the other. from maduro, russia, china, mexico on the other side you have u.s. canada and number of south american country as well. they are lining up and maduro has given u.s. diplomats 72 hours to get out of the country. the question really is, where does this go from here? where will the venezuelan military come down?
4:28 pm
will they support the current president maduro and willing to switch? finally these protesters, two years ago the government crushed street demonstrations, threw leaders in jail, killed more than 120. are these people protesting the maduro government going to stay out on the streets until the very end? still uncertain, but right now two competing presidencies in venezuela. back to you. connell: wow, this will be one to watch. thanks, steve harrigan for us. melissa: effect of shut down trickling down. how the gridlock in washington could affect your every day life. we're two weeks away from the super bowl in atlanta. how the shutdown could affect the world's busiest airport. republican congressman rob woodall from georgia will talk about all that coming up next. opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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♪ connell: welcome back. feeling impact. more and more americans are feeling impact of the government shut down. we're in day 33. melissa: who is counting. connell: we're counting. party party -- kristina partsinevelos is here with more. >> union that represents the irs, warning many workers are potentially not coming into work because of exemption in their contract resolving around
4:33 pm
hardships. hardships pretty much mean financial limitations. many say they can't afford to fill a tank of gas to get to work. many can't afford to pay for child care. "the washington post" hundreds of people may not call in. we don't know the exact number, now for our viewers watching right now, what does that mean for you when you file taxes? the phones are closed now. all of the centers are closed, they are delayed returns. there might be a lot of questions. why, because tax cuts and jobs act is enacted in 2018. as well we've got all of these new forms to be the size of a posted card. the shortage to also lead to higher premiums for some customers to need tax credits. that is tax credits to pay for health insurance premiums and democrats are really pushing this option forward, saying that
4:34 pm
will be a big issue when it comes to the affordable care act. so we talked about taxes. the fbi, now, is the latest group to make a comment about the shutdown. they are saying they need funding from the justice department to continue with their operations. you're seeing them on your screen right now. counterterrorism and cybersecurity. the president of the fbi agents association, they need to be fully funded i quote, to arrest the bad guys. i listed safety, health, taxes, and then of course we have to think of your money. commerce department and sec closed. , we don't have data we need, more and more ipos are pushed down to the pipeline. companies are going public. which could create very concentrated market going public. we can't do the state of the union nor solve the shutdown.
4:35 pm
connell: that is the real impact. thank you, kristina partsinevelos. melissa: the senate is set to vote on two bills to reopen the government. both they say are dead on arrival. so what can be done to break the standoff? joining us now, republican congressman bob woodall from georgia. he is a member of the house budget committee. let me ask you about your state in particular first. i know that you have 16,000 workers in your state who have been furloughed because of the smutdown. so it is having an impact there. what are you hearing from people? i never believe the polls about how people feel about these things. but i imagine you're getting a lot of calls. what are people telling you? >> people feel like it impacts the life. if they missed a paycheck they're frustrated. legislator i know we can do better. i know we don't have to manufacture a crisis. i know we can get the money together to keep these agencies open. doing important work that we all
4:36 pm
believe they do. that is the frustration. i hope we see fewer countdown clocks on day of the shutdown. and more "countdown" clocks since the principles are sitting at table. we'll not get a solution without principles sitting down talking it out. melissa: the president put an offer on the table. democrats said it was a nonstarter. we've been hearing reports and different conversations going on behind the scenes. what do you think what do you think take from border security. a shame we're having that conversation. my democratic friend support border security. they're trapped in a mess of who is going to win the shutdown. border security -- melissa: what solve it though? what do you think the other side would take? >> nancy pelosi has never had to lead a conference as liberal as the one she is leading today.
4:37 pm
accomplished leader but never of so many leftists in one place. i don't know what she could take. we could have solved the issue back in december. melissa: what would you accept? a report in "axios" they were shopping around the idea of giving 700,000 dreamers green cards. that would take a big idea and big offer. what is a big idea? >> you make a important point. that is big idea, putting first legislative solution in daca after the books. putting temporary protected status. cutting demand for border wall funding in half. the president offer after offer after offer and we've gotten no offer back. melissa: do you want to throw something out though, sir, before we run out of time, throw something out which is a solution? >> if i believed you and i could solve is it would.
4:38 pm
i'm tired of hearing nancy pelosi saying what she won't do. how about bringing something forward that you will do. melissa: thank you, congressman. connell: that is where we are. drones and interruptions, the latest threat that left passengers grounded at. >> you -- at newark airport. we're live at scene. melissa: you have to give to get i landed.
4:39 pm
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melissa: new security concerns at500 feet. a rifles at newark liberty airport briefly suspended by multiple drone sightings from multiple pilots. one said the drone missed his plane by 30 feet. david lee miller on the ground in newark, new jersey with more on this. david, this is so troubling. reporter: potentially very scary. there is good news. newark airport is up and running, business as usual. two pilots spotted a drone nine
4:42 pm
miles out as they were coming into newark for and laking. one of the pilots said the drone was 30 feet from his aircraft. taking a look inside terminal b in newark airport. you can see the departures and arrivals taking place out any incident here. last night it was a different situation. all incoming flights for about half an hour were prevented from landing and they had to circle. a number were even divert. flights were on the ground for other airports and heading to newark were temporarily halted sending ripples of delay through the system the faa quote said, at approximately 5:00 p.m. from two incoming flights in newark, that a drone was sited about 3500 feet before teeter borrow in new jersey and flights were meld for a short duration this is not a new news story. we heard this time and time again. during the year 2017 that is the year we had the most recent
4:43 pm
statistics there were 2000 such sightings in the united states alone. not only are the occurrences dangerous but they are also costly. consider what happened right before christmas at gatwick airport which is right outside of london. more than 1000 flights there were canceled because of multiple drone sightings. the cost to airplanes, airlines in the uk, an estimated $60 million. and the costs of these incidents can also be very expensive for the perpetrators themselves, melissa. the potential fines can reach as much as $15,000. that in addition to potential jail time. the trump administration says it is aware of the problem and that it is now considering two proposals to increase drone safety, especially regarding the nation's air traffic system. melissa. melissa: boy, i hope so. david, thank you for that. connell: some scary stuff. melissa: yeah. connell: winning back the hearts of america. the nfl seeing a pretty big boost in viewership this year.
4:44 pm
can the league keep that momentum going? we'll talk business, the business of football, with the great fran tarkenton, the hall of fame quarterback. he is next. ♪ rve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best to make you everybody else... ♪ ♪ means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight and never stop. does this sound dismal? it isn't. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful life on earth. ♪ ♪
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connell: put it in the books, the 2018 envelope season reversing course in terms of ratings declines previous two years with this weekend's conference churches posting big ratings gains. experts predict the super bowl may be the most watched ever. we have the quarterback and founder of starring ken ton -- fran tarkenton.
4:48 pm
he has a new book, protecting seniors from financial abuse. we talked about the nfl, we did some stories, attending a roger goodell the nfl was having with concussions, anthem protest, this year, the story is the tradings are back and business appears to be booming. so what happened? >> well every business should have the good fortune of the nfl. it is because they emphasized offense. it is hard to play defense. the best defensive teams are sitting home. they changed the rules back in 1979, when you couldn't hit a receiver past five yards past the line of jim man. a second year guy, patrick mahomes, throws 50 touchdown passes. that is unheard of. scoring, scoring, action, action. no sport is like that, have that kind of interest and excitement and so you have 58 million people that watched the prime time game last week and, 44 million watched the game at
4:49 pm
the middle of the afternoon. nobody else getting any ratings like that. the nfl is very healthy and people, i think, love the support more than ever, a wand watch it more than ever. connell: yeah. >> i watch it. it is fun. connell: your point the game is ault thing. >> yeah. connell: all the outside issues may distract, but when you put a good product on the field, the people come back and they watch. >> yeah. the colin kaepernick thing and people kneeling for the national anthem, you can like it or dislike it, whatever, that is not what draws the crowds. the crowd wants to see action and the nfl is the best televised sport in the world. connell: don't touch the quarterbacks. i'm sure when you played, they tapped your shoulder and called roughing the passer? >> tom brady 40 years old. drew brees, 40 years old. they don't get touched. the young guys are ones that get hurt because they're not protected like the old guys. connell: by the way, that is a
4:50 pm
business call, right? the league wants to protect them, makes them the money. >> you know what -- don't want brady sitting on the sideline. connell: you wouldn't have the most watched super bowl of all time. >> no, you wouldn't. connell: you write a book, senior citizens and financial abuse. people may know, you have been in business ion when you were playing. you've been in business for years and years. tell us about the book. why did you write it? >> i wrote it because i've been researching for two years. financial abuses from family members, sons, daughters, cousins uncles. it is becoming epidemic. nobody writes about it, nobody talks about it, it affects every family there is. i wrote the book. you can read it hour 1/2. you can look at what goes on, how you can stop it in your family, make it safe for your parents and your grandparents. so that is what the book's b. 10 steps how you can protect your parents and grandparents.
4:51 pm
connell: important issues. so we should encourage people to go out and easy to look up. fran tarkenton. by the way, patriots or rams? >> i would never vote against brady. connell: -- connell: have you ever seen anything like this, any sport that kind of excellence? >> no. the lombardi era was great. don shula here a was great. dallas had a run. this run of belichick and brady is unbelievable. keep in mind brady was a sixth round draft choice coming out of michigan. belichick didn't think he could play. belichick didn't think he could play. put him on the taxi squad. brady came on by himself. having a coach like belichick makes life easier. connell: in new york, the great mo lewis, jets linebacker started tom brady's career. he knocked out drew bledsoe out of game and the rest was history.
4:52 pm
fran, good luck with the book. >> thank you, my pleasure. connell: fran tarkenton. melissa: joe theismann took the patriots as well. he was on with us on "outnumbered" at noon. he said i wouldn't bet against the patriots. i don't know. the war of words and the shutdown stalemate. president trump slamming democrats for becoming a radicalized party. speaker pelosi says the house will not authorize the state of the union in the chamber. vice president mike pence weighing in on the ongoing fight. we'll take you live to capitol hill next. >> i understand the speaker has indicated that she will not accommodate the president's opportunity to address the nation. and, i, i think the american people are just tired of all of the posturing by the democrats in washington, d.c. ♪ ed options. i'm not really a wall street guy.
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>> president trump announcing he is considering alternative options after nancy pelosi vowed to block the president from delivering his state of the union address in the house chamber. joining me now is fox news senior capitol hill producer. now what, chad? >> well, it's anybody's guess. i mean, it is pretty clear from the statement from the house speaker that the house is not going to consider a concurrent resolution which would allow the president to speak to a joint session of congress. the house and senate meeting together in the house chamber for the state of the union message. now, i should point out one thing here, i'm going to show you the house rule book here. this is house rule 4. the president has clearance to go into the house chamber, but he does not have permission to speak unless they bless this. i asked nancy pelosi a little bit earlier today. i said, what about setting a new precedent? what if something comes up here and they never do it like this again? she said i'm not concerned about that at all.
4:57 pm
so what happens is a big question. here's the other question as well, is it actually state of the union if he gives it someplace else? now, for many years, it was just a written statement that the president submitted to capitol hill. that changed in 1913 with woodrow wilson, but it says in the constitution, article ii, section 3, that he has to give information on the state of the union to the congress from time to time. so i think congress would say okay, if you want to give a speech someplace else, that's fine, so long as you send us something written in paper. you know, we're into some pretty extra constitutional territory here. we don't know how it will play out frankly. it is up in the air. >> there was talk before about him doing in the senate, doing it in that chamber, what about that? >> that's probably harder than the house of representatives. in the senate you could have a simple senate resolution which would say all right we're going to invite the president, but it is subject to a filibuster on the motion to proceed, in other words to get the resolution up on the floor, that needs 60 votes to cut off that filibuster, and then if you got
4:58 pm
60 votes there, you will need 60 votes a second time to cut off debate overall. they are not going to have a senate speech by the president of the united states. >> do you have any doubt he's going to do it somewhere? >> well, you know, there was some talk up here, chatter, there was concern that the president might just roll up and try to get into the building. there was some talk about maybe doing it at the border. this is something that the republican whip steve scalise talked about doing it in texas. he's done make america great rallies. we don't know at this stage, this is a big question that nobody has the answers to. someone even suggested to me this afternoon maybe he could do it at the library of congress. now you don't need to have a resolution to go over to the library of congress, but again, you know, it is a congressional facility. i just don't know. that's a very interesting supposition there. >> well, yeah, we are in some super unchartered territory. chad, thank you. >> thank you. >> what a mess.
4:59 pm
some really bad news -- we did save the worst news for the end here. not yours. this valentine's day. the sweethearts, the iconic heart-shaped candies that stamped with messages of love, well, it turns out they won't be available this year. >> what? >> well, the brand's company actually went bankrupt. now, here -- i said it was bad news. there is kind of a silver lining to this. the hearts will beat again according to a candy company that purchased the brand. they are set to relaunch just in time for 2020 season. nothing for 2019. >> they make sweet tart ones that are kind of similar. but that little box. i'm sure it is trademarked. >> the messages like in middle school. we were debating this earlier. do you like the taste of those? >> no one does. >> one of our producers does, keegan. i thought that was weird. >> do you think that president trump was going to buy a whole bunch of give them to nancy
5:00 pm
pelosi and now he can't? i bet he's going to ask her to be his valentine >> that would have solved everything. the whole state of the union deal. >> i bet that was going to happen, but maybe not. >> thanks for joining us. >> bulls & bears starts right now. capitalism in the crosshairs. social activists and u2 frontman bono now weighing in on the big debate sparked by comments by congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez. i'm lauren simonetti in for david asman tonight. joining me is the panel today. welcome everybody. congresswoman aoc making waves earlier this week for saying that a system that allows billionaires to exist when others struggle in poverty is immoral and wrong. well, here's what bono had to say at a forum in davos today.


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